f/Luxe explores the possibilities of visual expression and interpretation for sound beyond a fixed media and in a fluid media. Unlike traditional music videos, which are created ahead of time for one specific music track, this projectis designed to be able to create adaptable and modular visuals for any musical performance. Instead of solely fixating on the live musician or music, f/Luxe invites everyone to be included the performance. Audience members, the musicians, and the designer can contribute to the entire experience by choosing to critically engage or disengage with the body of work anytime. This is made possible by interactive technology using TouchDesigner and multiple types of motion sensors (Leap Motion, Kinect 2, and webcam) to gather real-time data from physical movements, MIDI data, and/or live sound recording using a microphone.

Project debuted May 2019 for Digital Arts Expo 2019.


f/Luxe is developed as an experiment into the concept of “designer as a performer.” The visuals are  created in real-time by layering and collaging original stunning 3D motion graphics and TouchDesigner and MaxMSP patches developed and controlled by the user.

Control System

Generative Outputs

Real-time technological implementations will allow an embrace of improvisational possibility and chance, allowing the design to fluctuate and adapt with the music, and for the work to have multiple lifetimes while following a fluid narrative and concept.

Personal Project


Special thanks to:
Scott Zukowski - Project Mentor
Dan Dan Crook - Sound Advice
Michelle Yao - Technical Advice