Hello! I am Es Youn - a multidisciplinary designer based in Los Angeles. I’ve graduated from CalArts with a BFA in Graphic Design.

I keep my design practice momentum going by constantly learning and evolving. I am always expanding design skillsets within 2D + 3D motion, UX/UI, interactive web, branding, and art direction. I’ve been fortunate to put those various skillsets in use at branding agencies with Koto, Prophet, Character, creative marketing with Another, and most recently  at an experiental web studio with Active Theory.

(If you are an recruiter looking at this page, I’m sorry that it is difficult to figure out what exactly I specialize in. Short answer is... I can do it all with optimism. ︎)

Previously I participated as 1 out out 6 candidates for WGI* Edition 2 traveling and designing across the globe for 6 months within multiple creative agencies:

Koto ( London ) ︎
Factry ( Montreal ) ︎
Prophet ( New York ) ︎
Character ( San Francisco ) ︎

Check out the crazy life changing journey documentation and blog.