Es Youn

Hello. I am Es Youn - a graphic and motion designer. After graduating from CalArts, I’ve been busy designing and connecting with incredible creatives in London, Montreal, New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.

With an interest in 2D/3D motion and interactive technology, I enjoy creating visual projects to study and interpret the constantly transforming environments and relationships around me. It is always my goal to bring a spark of life, a sense of humor, and adventure in all the things I do.

Previously I participated as 1 out out 6 candidates for WGI* Edition 2 traveling and designing across the globe for 6 months within multiple creative agencies:

KotoLondon ) ︎
Factry ( Montreal ) ︎
ProphetNew York ) ︎
CharacterSan Francisco ) ︎

Check out the crazy life changing journey documentation and blog.